The Lies Alcohol Will Always Tell You

Through my journey from alcoholism to sobriety, I’ve noticed that alcohol tends to lie.  Some of these lies are very convincing.  Others are just enough to give you that push into drinking.  Regardless…

You must never believe the lies alcohol tells you.

In reality, these are the lies we often tell ourselves to justify drinking that day or that night.  Let’s face them, head-on, and begin to discredit them.  These are the three that come up most often for me.  Maybe you’ll find that they come up often for you too.

The Lies Alcohol Will Always Tell You

1. It will be different this time.


This time, I’m really going to stay calm.  This time, I’m not going to pick fights, or drunk-text people, or hurt myself.  This time I’m not going to cry.  This time…

This is an interesting lie, because sometimes it is different, isn’t it?

But whether it will be different or not this time is a gamble, and as alcoholics, we often lose that bet.

There is no guarantee that it will be different this time.  In fact, it usually never is.  It usually ends up as miserably as every other time.  Let’s not gamble with our lives.

2. It will be fun.

no fun.jpgYeah, okay… as if I could even remember.  Drinking is usually a blur of chaos, then a hangover.  It’s as if time speeds up while drinking, and slows down while hungover.

There is very little fun involved in alcoholism.  You can have way more fun sober, trust me.

You don’t need drinking to have fun.  Fun is when you can remember the jokes told with your loved ones, the tastes of awesome foods, and the movies/dancing/bowling/whatever you choose to do!


3. It will be fine because you’ll just have one or two.

drunk man.jpgI know what you’re thinking: Who believes that lie anymore??  For a long time, I did.  I was so sure that I’d only have one or two.  I’d even just buy one or two.  Then the buzz kicked in and I lost all control.

It is never just one or two because, as alcoholics, we lose control.

Let’s face it, I wouldn’t be writing this and you wouldn’t be reading this if we could have “just one or two.”  Let’s not believe this lie.



You can do this.  You can live a sober life.





👇 Let’s Dig Deeper:

Wanting to drink is okay ~ I posted recently on my Twitter that I wish I could be “normal” and just drink!  It’s okay to want this.  It’s okay to want to drink.  But take a closer look at why you want to drink.

It’s not the pain, chaos, humiliation that you want.  It’s not the holes on the walls or the disappointed/scared family that you want.  And it especially is not the hangover in the morning that you want.

So, what do you want?  Maybe you want a bit of respite from your worries.  Maybe you want to let loose and not be wound up so tight.  Maybe you want to fit in.

Figure out what you want, and then figure out how to get it without alcohol.

For instance, when I say, “I wish I could drink,” what I’m really saying (if I really look underneath) is “I want to have fun, be loud, and laugh all night.”  And I can do this without drinking.  And I do do this without drinking, now.

And it is awesome.

Dig deep.  You can do this.



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